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As a non-profit organization, we rely on your support. Your membership dollars help us improve our experiential education programs, expand our conservation efforts, maintain regular event programming, and support facility and rental space renovations.

Benefits of Membership

  • FREE garden admission including admission to more than 330 gardens nationwide through the American Horticultural Society Reciprocal Admissions Program (Pssst…this includes the Desert Botanic Garden and Durango Botanic Gardens!)
  • Early admission to our Annual Plant Sale
  • Free admission to Wildflower Walks and Bird Walks
  • Exclusive member discounts on concert and event tickets, at plant sales and Summer Camps
  • Discounts on native plants at Warner’s Nursery

Membership Levels

Our memberships are named after native plant species. Choose from:
  • ASTER $40 – 1 adult, 2 guest passes (deductible amount* $40)
  • BUTTERCUP $75 – 2 adults + children, 4 guest passes (deductible amount* $75)
  • CLIFFROSE $100 -2 adults + children, 8 guest passes (deductible amount* $64)
  • PONDEROSA $250 – 2 adults + children + dogs, 8 guest passes (deductible amount* $196)
  • COLUMBINE $500 – 2 adults + children + dogs, 10 guest passes, PLUS Private Garden Tour! (deductible amount* $428)
  • *PENSTEMON $1,000 – 2 adults + children + dogs, 12 guest passes, PLUS Private Garden Tour! (deductible amount* $910)
  • *DOGWOOD $15 – 1 canine companion (deductible amount* $15)
  • *LUPINE $750 – Business Membership – 2 business membership cards + 20 guest passes +2 tickets to each of our concerts + linked logo on this membership page

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Please consider increasing your membership level, give a gift membership, or buy a membership for your canine family member! With each increase, you will enjoy additional benefits and help us grow The Arboretum’s capacity to do more good things.

*If you would like any of the memberships marked with a * please do a custom donation & make a note it's for Penstemon, Dogwood or Lupine membership.